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Power Dividers

TMI's In-Phase Dividers/Combiners are low cost, high performance Stripline or Ferrites components, which used the latest state of the art material and CAD system for repeatable performance

Bias Tees

Frequency Range 1 to 20000 MHz
Up to 25A

Pin Diode Switches

The SB Series of SPST to SP32T cover the frequency range of 10 to 20000 MHz in multiple bands. Stripline or Microstrip construction is implemented on the basis of power handling, isolation, frequency range and custom integrated assemblies.

Digital/Analog Attenuators
The DAT Series of solid state attenuator utilize T-pad attenuator, diode resistor networks as the attenuation elements. These elements are switched in any combination of discreet values, with high speed diodes switches. Any value of attenuation between 0 to 63 db can be provided in each bit, with any numbers of bits. Phase and Amplitude balance variation are maintained at an absolute minimum over wide temperature ranges.

The AT Series electronically controlled attenuation provides constant low VSWR through all attenuation levels, with the use of diode resistor networks.

Phase Shifters

TMI Digital or Analog phase shifters are of two basic design. The first use switched transmission line or quadrature hybrids cascaded with different switchable termination's. The analog Phase Shifters incorporate quadrature hybrids together with varactor diodes to realize phase shifts.


Taylor Microwave, Inc. engages in the development and manufacturing of solid state oscillators. This includes Dielectric Resonator (DRO), Cavity Resonator (CRO), Microstrip Resonator (MRO), Voltage Controlled (VCO), L-C Resonator (LCO) and Phase Locked Oscilltors (PLO)

Directional Couplers

Frequency Range: 0.20 to 18 GHz, Octave Bands


Frequency Range: 0.20 to 18 GHz, Octave Bands

Integrated Assemblies
Integrated Sub-assemblies can be built to customer specifications where the specific component and interface can be done by TMI. Also, sub-assemblies can be manufactured from customer specifications.

Our complete In House capability enables us to promptly provides high quality components. For technical assistance or further information consult Taylor Microwave, Inc.



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